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Massage & Facials

Dermalux Facial

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Give your skin the love it deserves with our award wining facial Dermalux LED Photo-therapy.

 * Rejuvenates, promotes healing, acne skin, anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles. A celebrities favorite



Deep cleansing/steam/extraction facial

Includes double cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, massage, mask, tone & moisturise. 


Back Massage

Back scrub,steam,massage

Back scrub, steam, teatree toner, lemon & ginger scrub, removed with hot towels and finish off with massage oil.


Relaxing Facial

Facial-Hotstone facial

Enjoy the warm soothing feeling of hot stones as we gently massage you, smoothing and calming the tension out of your face, neck and shoulders with this lovely, relaxing facial. 



Genie take ten face lift

The ultimate face lifting system. The treatment works directly on tired sagging facial muscles giving visible results after just one treatment. By rebuilding the ageing muscle mass the face will benefit a fuller, healthier look that may also help eliminate many fine lines and wrinkles. 



Genie course

Genie take ten face lift x 10 


Face Massage

Relaxing facial

Revitalises and improves the texture of the skin whilst gently easing away the strain and tension of neck and shoulder muscles.


Man Getting a Facial

Smart-peel Microdermabrasion-Facial

Ideal for fine lines, dull complexion, and acne scarring. Retain a youthful look with this crystal facial. 



Perfector Facial

Whether you require a skin refinement or a lifting effect, Perfector will ensure you look and feel different even after the first treatment.


Back Massage

Body-Back massage



Body-Back massage with mini facial


Hot Stone Massage

Body-Hot stone massage back


Hot Stones Massage

Body-Hot stone back with mini facial


woman in towel

Facial-Hopi ear candle

Indian relaxation ceremony which calms the mind and soothes the head and ears. 


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone back massage with face massage and indian head


Head Massage

Indian head massage

Indian head massage is a completely revitalising experience that promotes calm and balance within the body. 




Facial-Regima peel

Benefits all skin types and all ages , helps with anti ageing , fine lines wrinkles pigmentation , sub/liver spots


Flawless Skin

Facial-Regima acne attack facial

Using a natural exfoliating enzyme masque we target active acne and problem skin. The products contain fruit acid vitamins A, B & C.


Smooth Shiny Skin

Facial-Regima scar repair

This treatnent can improve old and new scars even keloid scarring , imrpoves its look and texture



Facial-Regima mask

Relaxing facial which also delivers results for a glowing healthy complexion that is naturally exfoliated with fruit acids. Helps unblock pores, keeping spots at bay. 




Shrinking violet body wrap


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