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Policies & Important Info

Important Coronavirus Information

In light of the recent outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19, Monroe’s Beauty Salon Blackwood would like to reassure all clients and staff that recent government guidelines have been adhered to and all the necessary steps have been put into place for your safety. Please see below the measures we have put in place to keep you as safe as we possibly can.

1. Safety screens are at the nail desks and on reception, this will safeguard against coughs and sneezes.

2. Anti-bacterial hand wash, hand gel and disposable towels are all available.

3. Tissues are available in all areas of the salon just in case you cough or sneeze.

4. All work stations will be disinfected regularly throughout the day and deep cleaning will be done every evening.

5. We will be checking in with staff and clients to ensure they have no symptoms and asking whether you have had any contact with anyone who has been infected.

6. Clients will be asked to wash hands as soon as you enter the salon we do not want to offend you, you will also need to wear a mask , staff will also be wearing masks ,staff will be  washing hands thoroughly before and after every client.

7. All our tools will be sterilized in barbicide solution in accordance with the SSE.

8. Anti bacterial spray will be used on door handles, credit card machine, toilet flushes, taps, handrails and any other hard surfaces not mentioned here. Reception area will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.

9. We ask that if you could please arrive on time for your appointment and please let us know if you were to feel unwell during your treatment.

10. no towels on the beds so we can wash them down after every client, we have taken away all magazines at this time also.

Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Monroe’s Beauty Salon

Salon Policies

Salon Policies

Late Arrivals

In order to respect the time of both our client and staff we ask if you could kindly arrive on time for your appointment, 5mins late is not a big deal however treatment times are set for the therapist to perform a high standard of work, serious delays can result in appointment clashes and rushed treatments in order to finish before the next client arrives causing stress to everyone,  and we would not want you to feel rushed or to keep  our next client waiting if you could please let us know if you are running late.

Late Cancellations

We understand that things may crop up unexpectedly so if you do need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we simply ask if you could notify us as soon as possible, you can also amend your bookings online as long as it is before 24 hours of the original booking time as the system will not allow you to cancel at very short notice so then you would need to call us or send a message through our face book messenger page.

No Shows

No shows are very costly to the salon , one no show can be  forgiven, two now shows of  missing your appointment you will be imposed a fine  of 20 % of the treatment booked  and added to your next appointment, 3 no shows would require a booking deposit that is not refundable.


Your satisfaction is our highest priority so if you are not completely happy please let us know during your treatment or within 24-48 hrs after your treatment .We are committed to making any necessary corrections within five days .

If you are not satisfied or have a further complaint please follow the complaints procedure set out below.

1.Call salon ask to speak to Sue or email or

2. Explain your complaint , send pictures and your contact details we will reply as soon as possible.

Health and Covid 19

For your comfort and safety please notify us if you have of any symptoms of coronovirus, allergies, and seizures, pregnant or have any disabilities.

The right to refuse service

Our salon staffs have the right to refuse service to anyone behaving improperly, intoxicated or if their state of health may influence the effects of service.


If it is absolutely necessary to bring your child then please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for their behaviour or safety  and we strictly prohibit unsupervised children in the salon and we care about the safety of your child.

Mobile Phones

 If you could kindly refrain from using you mobile phone in the salon especially during a treatment as this makes it very hard for the therapist to perform the treatment  safely and properly, also we need to consider other clients in the salon and we want you to enjoy  a relaxing experience.

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